September 18, 2008

In Honor Of Talk Like A Pirate Day...

Ahoy, ratties! In case ye not be aware, today (September 19, 2008) be the official International Talk Like A Pirate Day. And, in honor of this most prestigious event here be the first pages from Pirat Tales: Legend of the Cat O' Nine Tails...

September 10, 2008

Hero Spy Interview

It’s about the tavern fights, the ship battles, the mysterious islands, and the ever elusive treasure. Rats as pirates just adds another level of fun.

September 4, 2008

Concept Art & Designs -- Part II

This time around we're going to take a look at the concept design and development of one of Pirat Tales' main characters--Captain Blacktail. Pirat Tales artist did numerous designs for the comic's infamous captain. Below are two of the character design sheets and then a final Captain Blacktail design (sans tail, hmmm...) Click on pics for larger images.